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About Dave Daniels & "On The Fly" Podcast

Singer/Songwriter from Miami FL. Est. 1982

I play original music and host a creative arts podast every Sunday night @ 7 pm EST. We are currently in Season 2 of "On The Fly" - there are 7 more episodes left and then the livestreaming original music begins again. 

More information about releases and shows can be found out @ IG: onthefly1982. 

“I have always had my eye towards the Mt. Rushmore of American songwriters. Dylan, Petty, Springsteen, Zevon, Neil Young. It’s impossible to shake those influences. For this new album I wanted to draw from some other musicians that I admire: Cat Power, Patti Smith, David Byrne, War on Drugs, Waxahatchee, even especially MJK from Tool . Some music is just in my bloodstream no matter what, like DNA. I accept it – but it’s nice to have new blood in these songs.” The Wrecking Room 2023. 

Full show and interview here: 


Music on Spotify 
"Just Like Ghosts" (2009), 
"A Place To Put A Dream" (2011)
"Long Distance Lullabye" (2013) 
 "Can't Play Nice" (2023)
"All In Good Time" (2023)

Unreleased studio & live recordings exist @ Bandcamp: https://davedanielsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/old-hat

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